Life is Better with You Kitchen

Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

After living in the original space for ten years, the client knew what she needed: a place for homework, baking projects and happy hour guests to gather in one place, sometimes all at one time. We needed to open up a kitchen that could provide flexibility for tight weekdays and loose weekends.

OUR TASK: create a space for smooth school night activities- snacks, homework, dinner and make sure it has plenty of wow factor for hosting regular colleague mixers. This kitchen remodel involved a significant floor plan revision, we removed the walls that completely enclosed the kitchen.  In order to extend the kitchen footprint, we blew out one window and opted for a 36″ wide pantry cabinet.

Cabinets: Evercore All Plywood construction Lyndale Doorstyle.  Kitchen: Dove white Island: Greyloft

In a family with active, school age children, it’s crucial to organize tasks into specific work zones.  With the jumbo slab island, veggie wash, chop and saute can happen while biscuit dough in the base mixer stand comes together independent of the happy hour guests sipping wine.

To give homework a home, we expanded the depth of the cabinets on the back of the island to 24″ and dedicated them as ” kids only homework and craft supply hubs”.

Dinner cleanup is a snap with a drawer base of foil and Tupperware right next to the fridge so spaghetti sauce doesn’t interrupt spelling words before bed.

For those burgeoning young bakers, we created a “baking prep station”.  By adding the base mixer stand cabinet at the end of the island,  it keeps the beating banana bread batter off to the side of the activity in the kitchen. It is also directly across from the pantry full of baking goods and the base drawers full of measuring supplies and mixing bowls.

On the weekends, banana pancakes before hitting the slopes are a regular thing, so we set a 48″ base cabinet in the island to house the griddle for relaxed family mornings sans crazy setup and breakdown.

With the new open space, the kitchen is the scene of the action and everyone has a spot.