Culinary Command Center Kitchen

Location: Littleton, Colorado

This kitchen works double duty. A busy family with elementary age twins means science projects, homework, and culinary expertise that transcends average wrangling of hectic weeknight dinners.

OUR TASK: A mom with a culinary degree requires a  kitchen that effortlessly handles gourmet execution, whimsical experimentation and upscale entertaining. We did away with the space wasted on a small dining room in favor of expanding the gathering potential with a Jumbo slab island. This accommodates 10 dinner guests and brings luxe dinner parties and daily tasks like spelling words or play doh to the heart.

Materials: DOVE WHITE painted Maple in Lyndale doorstyle

To create more surface space, we ripped out the double wall oven and went with a commercial grade 48″ VIKING range.

The sink is set in the island and centered across from the range for tossing used pans during sautee prep and sink in island engages a social design element, so clean/prep can happen while facing of the party.

A large banquette of drawers near the range provides expanded pan selection while effortlessly adding literally multiple pans to the fire.

Cutting boards and trash pullout near sink makes for a localized cutting station. We set the microwave in the island – a low-key location for this sometimes necessary small appliance.

We opted to expand the back island cabs to 24″ for storage of commercial grade specialty kitchen gadgets.

The office space in the kitchen serves as the command center for school events, soccer schedules and tasting notes.

BUTLER PANTRY adds extra storage and serves as a  designated entertainment surface for bar materials to keep the kitchen food-centric during parties.