Cognac and Moonshine Bar

Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The long awaited finish of the basement bar and a bonus laundry room called for small space acumen. The clients were ready to up their game for hosting large parties and out of town guests.

Materials: Bar- Lyndale Rustic Alder in Cognac Laundry- Evercore in Moonshine

OUR TASK: To elevate the concept and maximize guest experience, we designed a bar that doubles as a kitchenette. And a luxe second laundry room that’s high on accessible storage.

We added a wall microwave cabinet that can be reached from the seated position at the bar to minimize crowding behind the counter. We prioritized a full size refrigerator by shrinking the dishwasher to 18″  and opting for a smaller, bar sized sink.

During company mixers, the tall pull out pantry next to the fridge makes for graceful restock mid conversation. Thanks to a partnership with THINK TANK BREWING, a fully integrated tap tower with plumbed CO2 really brings the bar to life.  We anticipated a bartender with busy hands, so we upgraded the trash cabinet to open with a simple hip bump. The drawers on the outside of the bar are an innovative solution to an otherwise wasted corner. Behind the bar, we used the swing out shelves in a blind base corner cabinet to maximize storage in a tight space.

To capture a refined rustic feel, we decided on Alder cabinets with a rich, warm Cognac finish.

The second laundry room is ideal for life with athletic teenagers. In order to keep specialty uniforms from getting caught up in daily laundry, we installed large drawers. To air dry athletic fabrics, we reserved a designated hanging space above the washer. Corner angle drawers keep the space fluid and supplies within easy reach as opposed to a complicated, cluttered corner cabinet. We opted for painted cabinets in MOONSHINE for a light and clean finish that was more playful than basic white.