Bold Modern Rustic

Location: Rifle, Colorado

The personal home of an experienced builder, this large, open concept space was the perfect blank canvas.  A busy  family with two high power careers are also the perpetual hosts for extended family holidays.  We designed a kitchen that relaxes while working hard.

Materials: Rustic Alder Grandview in HUSK

OUR TASK: Design a space that easily transforms from weeknights with “just us” to large extended family holiday meals.

The weeknight dinner chore of a working mom is improved with utility and tray pullouts that flank the range. For a fluctuating crowd size, we had to make the selection of the right container a snap instead of a search, we opted for pot and pan drawers. We kept the crowd from crowding the cook, with the large kitchen island that serves as a centralized work surface on one side and ample seating on the other. The cutting center cabinet is right next to the sink and trash for localized wash and chop. And the hectic morning routine or dessert service is a breeze with the designated coffee station located outside the work area of the kitchen.