What We Do: Kitchen Design + Cabinets

Design: It’s About You

You’re the expert on how you use the kitchen. Great design is intuitive and personal…it’s about the little things you do every day. Let’s use what you know so well about how your kitchen functions (or doesn’t) and apply cabinets with solutions.

New Build + Remodel

New build or remodel, this is an exciting opportunity to literally create a space customized for every detail of your life. Imagine simplifying anything that feels remotely like a chore and creating something that actually fits  your lifestyle.

The Rest of the House

The kitchen is the hub, the scene of the action… but let’s face it,  you need function beyond kitchen cabinets into every living space. Bathrooms, Butler Pantry, Bar, Laundry, Office, Media, even the Mud Room can use design solutions.


When your space accurately reflects your unique lifestyle, you  get more accomplished while enjoying what really matters.

The trick is designing a kitchen based on how it works, not just how it looks. Your kitchen should be a product of your life, not the other way around.

Together, we illuminate your priorities. Imagine a custom tailored kitchen that improves the life you live there.

The Process

Meet & Chat

Do you hear that little voice wondering what if? Don’t overthink it. The initial consultation is FREE… Let’s just see where this thing goes.

Design & Collab

We create it together.  Your dreams, ideas, inspiration and all the things that make you cuss and swear about your current space. We solve that.

Order & Install

The space comes to life. Your kitchen isn’t finished until every detail is in it’s place. Your contractor or ours, you are supported every step of the way.

Recent Projects

What Clients Say

“Knowing that she is selling a cabinet brand that stands behind their quality and offers a lifetime warranty was icing on the cake”

“Sara has a sharp eye for detail and knows what works in a kitchen. She insisted we have the stand for our Kitchen Aid Mixer– turns out it’s a favorite feature in our space”

“When you have the best kitchen designer, she takes everything in your dreams and makes it happen”

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sara! she listened to all our ideas and wishes and took careful consideration of our budget and designed our dream kitchen.”

“Sara has a great concept for design and style, she made the process so much easier”

Why The Heritage Design

I’ve never been to your kitchen, but I’m thinking I might have an idea about what’s going on.

Does this sound familiar…

  • You’re whipping up a hurried weeknight dinner and as you rush to the trash can, the raw chicken package dribbles a trail across the whole kitchen…so now you’re scrambling to mop up the floor instead of chopping vegetables…?!
  • Are you sick and tired of playing Tupperware Tetris… in the same cabinet that you keep your blender, water bottles and your entertaining platters? UGH
  • You have to stack the pots and pans in a STRATEGIC order so they’ll fit just right…. and YOUR’E the only one who knows how to do it….
  • Do you have that spice cabinet that requires EVERYTHING to be taken all the way out and splayed on the counter in order to get to the “cumin” or worse… do you season everything with “garlic salt” because it’s in the front row of a cluttered, dark cabinet full of spices you don’t use because you can’t see them?
  • Parties are stressful. Everyone naturally gathers in the kitchen, and you feel like there’s two separate parties plus you can’t even be a proper host because all the things you need are all blocked by your guests in your congested…crowded… confusing kitchen.

Are you tired of feeling like your kitchen actually makes MORE WORK for you?

A kitchen designed and built exactly for the way you live.

Picture this….You’re standing at the island washing and chopping vegetables while practicing spelling words and a book report is quietly coming together.  Dinner prep is a snap because your tools have intentional spaces that are right where you need them… right when you need them.

Think about having…

Effortless meal prep
Catching up over coffee
Hassle free homework
Hosting brunch
Actually hearing about the kids’ day
Casual, post-worthy dinner parties
Pain-free cleanup
Luxe, chill weekends

“Every day, I wake up happy with the investment we made. I think I love my house even more because the whole process was so enjoyable… and who can say that after a full remodel?”

~ Jenn V.

“Sara has a great concept for design and style, she made the process so much easier”

~ Steve

“Sara is so fun to work with and an extremely hard worker. She worked great with our contractor, she personally had him over to her showroom so they could plan the products and install. Together, they worked to come up with solutions to any problems that arose. Having a designer cooperate with the remodel team and offer solutions and ideas is invaluable.”
~ Steve

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Dinner prep and cleanup is a snap because your tools have intentional spaces that are right where you need them… right when you need them.
  • Homework happens, on the regular because there’s a designated, organized cabinet full of supplies and better yet, a workspace that works alongside dinner prep.
  • Choosing and putting away pots and pans is easy…even stylish as you simply select from the roll out tray or drawer…no more crouching and digging around the back of a dark cabinet like a friggin’ Neanderthal.
  • A station just for coffee, or baking, or whatever addiction you have that makes a mess of your kitchen every day.
  • No more phones and tablets and charges and cords shuffled into a pile in the corner…an electronics drawer with power…you can charge your phone from inside a drawer.

Think about it for a moment… custom, personalized solutions for your exact lifestyle- a kitchen that is designed to match the fingerprint of the details of your daily life.

Imagine that feeling before they come down for breakfast… the lunches are made… the dishwasher is empty… your coffee is full and you see a productive day in front of you because the counter top is completely clear. You feel inspired, organized and completely … sane?!

When your kitchen design actually means something, EVERY aspect of your life comes together.

Great design is about finding solutions, that’s what I do and when I’m done, your daily life CHANGES.

  • And that look that’s all over your “dream kitchen” pinterest board? I can help you totally get the look.
  • P.S. I care about your budget, and I can stick to it;)

That’s just the beginning…

This is what I’ve done for many before you… and what I can do for you. Seriously. I’ve got outcomes, solutions and experiences for you.

“Sara was a dream to work with. She took everything I wanted and made it happen. She took into account all my ideas and dreams and “kitchen must haves” and incorporated it into a budget that worked for us”
~ Katie

Here’s What You Get: Drama Free, Solution-based Design

Consultation: The first step begins with a complementary consultation. I will gather information about the details of your project including budget, your hopes, dreams and inspo for the space.

We will review your plans or see the “original kitchen.” I will bring you glossy “cabinet porn”

Measure and Design: I will review plans take measurements and copious notes.

Depending on the size of your project, we agree on a design retainer fee (which is 100% applicable to your cabinet purchase)

I create a custom design tailored specifically to what you’ve told me about your lifestyle and priorities. (Actually THREE… sweet huh?)

Presentation: We meet, you get to see THREE renditions of solutions for your space. You pick your fave. I give you a detailed explanation of the placement and functionality of the cabinetry layout… box by box. We drink coffee and eat quiche and tweak your cabinet design within an inch of its life… until it matches your life. And then we drink champagne.

We finalize the look, color, texture, and feel of your cabinetry finish. We pore over Pinterest inspo pics. We compare samples and “get the look”.

Electrical, lighting, plumbing and HVAC plans are NOT INCLUDED but could be included by a licensed architectural firm upon request. Placement of plumbing in the design layout, as well as additional costs to move plumbing should be discussed with your contractor

We review with floorplan with your contractor (or mine).

Ordering: When we are ready to order cabinets, the remaining cabinetry balance is paid. At this time, I will release detailed floor plans for signature and approval. These plans include notes regarding special installation instructions

Install: Cabinets are delivered to your door and they are installed by the team of your choice or you can use my team. Totes up to you.

Your life BEGINS – You get to live everyday in a kitchen that rises exactly to the challenge of your life, in your gorgeous, functional, personalized kitchen.

This sounds amazing, but… I have a few questions…

Who are your clients?

I work with homeowners directly and I also work with builders. I have designed for commercial and residential spaces.

You are cordially invited to begin your dream kitchen

Now, it’s your turn. I want to know all about what’s going on.

or….if you don’t feel like typing all the things that make you cuss and swear in your kitchen, simply give me a call and we can meet over coffee. Seriously, just reach out. I love hearing about people’s kitchens.

“I get it. A kitchen is more than just a kitchen. I’m going help you get more time for what matters by designing your kitchen based on your life.”

~ Sara Malloy

When Sara said…

“the Alder is natural and rustic- it adds texture like jeans and a white button down… the grey paint is sleek and sophisticated, yet still so approachable, like a cashmere sweater on a Sunday”… “We knew that we had found a great designer AND our personal style ”
– Jennifer V.

About Sara

Sara Malloy


I specialize in meaningful design solutions for real people that want to to get more accomplished while enjoying what really matters.

You want to be on the same page about what we’re going for, you want to know exactly what you’re getting…I totally get it. Clarified objectives, aligned expectations and communication is TOTES MY JAM.

The daughter of a chef and a designer. My parents taught me to wonder about the WHY in composition. Design is about function and intent. Every single cabinet in a kitchen must provide a solution. Period.

 For me, design is simply about solving people’s problems and improving the lives lived there. That’s why I love this work so much.

Still reading? Alright… I’ll keep going

  • I’m obsessed with organic Fuji apples, I eat at least two a day
  • I’m insanely committed to my daughters “live music cultural education” she has seen Blondie, Lindsey Stirling, Edward Sharpe, Miike Snow, Saint Motel, and even Kid Cudi in concert.
  • I have a degree in Organizational Communication and a Certificate in Community Mediation…so yeah, I’m quite savvy about getting to the kernel of your kitchen priorities… and helping make sure your marriage survives the remodel;) #superpower
  • You can usually find me laughing to myself in the produce aisle … comedy podcasts are my drug of choice.

“It is not luxury unless it is comfortable”

~ Coco Chanel

Residential Design

Remodel or new build,  it’s a custom fit to your lifestyle.  Your kitchen is the HUB of the house and you deserve a design that is a unique reflection of what matters most.

Commercial Design

The customer experience in your place of business makes all the difference. From floor plan to finishes, your space must be functional, impressive and inviting.

Universal Design

Design is about solutions. Accessibility, comfort and safety is important to EVERYONE. Mindful design is about functionality and a better quality of life.


Let’s Do This